We are SOLEONE. A Luxury Bamboo Apparel Company.
Here at SOLEONE we create fabulous fitting garments made from exquisitely soft, breathable, smart fabrics. Our styles are incredibly comfortable and durable for practical day to day wear.
We have Men and Women’s MUST HAVE essentials. Feel it to believe it.
Why Bamboo?
We have chosen to use Bamboo as a source material because it is a phenomenally fast growing sustainable and renewable resource.  Bamboo is actually a grass that can be grown on rain water alone without the need for harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and actually has positive effects on the soil, air and environment around it.  Our breathable, hypoallergenic bamboo viscose fabric is oeko certified and made in a closed loop system.
Built-in thermoregulating qualities, wick away odor and moisture keeping you at optimum temperature, fresh and dry. Softer than silk, yet tougher than cotton - our materials are biodegradable so they are good for the planet as well as your wardrobe!